INTECON - alternative building

The modulus solve your short-term or long-term want to build up quickly a school, a nursery, a health centre, an office, a changing room with sanitary equipment etc., or it is possible to build up quickly a family house on their base, that will be indistinguishable from a structure built from conventional materials.

The assembled modular buildings can be considered temporary buildings, for which it is easier to get the building permit, where "temporary" does not mean provisional with the meaning "of short durability"! By the way, the Eiffel Tower in Paris (pioneering work in the field of steel constructions) was also built in 1889 just as a „temporary building".


One of the reasons for the short delivery time frames is due the unique modular system that allows parallel manufacturing processes – compared to the classic building system it is possible to start to build foundations, but also simultaneously work on ground floor and higher floor components. The containers are stackable up to 3 storeys high, including the possibility of interior staircase.

The future that professor C. Northcote Parkinson predicted has already begun!

  • the measurements are adaptable to the customer needs
  • container modular buildings meet the sanitary and fire-fighting norms
  • the standard ceiling made from laminated chipboard can be replaced by Fermacell plasterboard, wallpaper or acoustic board with inbuilt lights
  • there are more possibilities for the internal walls from chipboard to Fermacell plasterboard, wallpaper, ceramics facing or cast floor for sanitary spaces
  • various kinds of floor covering
  • doors and windows – all kind, materials and/or measurements
  • the cell is completely equipped with cables, lighting, socket outlets and fuse-box
  • the cell can be both heated and air-conditioned

We propose the ground plan of your container configuration or of your single cell according to your concrete ideas and needs.

We ensure the delivery of the containers (dwelling cells) and assembly the configurations upon the by you prepared foundations.